Online classes 2020 (Instructor : Takuya Machida), College of Industrial Technology, Nihon university

Updated on November 28 2020

The detail dates of online classes will be announced on Portal system of CIT (College of Industrial Technology) or by email. The email address assigned to each student by Nihon university, should be available on the devices of the student.
Based on the textbooks, the instructor is going to teach the subjects. He also uses the supplement textbooks which students find on the syllabuses (on Portal system) under the name of supplement.pdf. Students should download it by the first classes start out.

Portal system of CIT Nihon university (Only Japanese available)
Recording, downloading, and distributing the videos of classes are strongly banned.

Since the Wi-Fi does not promise stable Internet connections, I recommend connecting your computer to the Internet with a LAN cable. (Updated on October 29 2020)
Install the latest versions for softwears and Apps which you use for online classes. They also should be updated to the latest ones. (Updated on November 10 2020)

Students would not have enough time to note down. Screenshot and printscreen would be helpful to review the classes. The instructor allows students to make the most of the functions, only if they do not distribute the pictures to the other people or on SNS.

In the case the instructor gives homework and asks students to post their reports, he makes oral announcements on online classes.

The reports should be made on computers or by hand, on A4 size papers (if students make the reports by hand), without title pages, with student's name on the top and left side of the first pages (Without student's name, any report is acceptable!), and with readable letters. The reports must follow all of the terms below whenever they are posted. Or, they are going to be invalid. (Updated on August 23 2020)

*The instructor highly advises students to keep their original reports on their hands until they get the grades which will be given by the instructor.

If you have any questions about the classes, email the instructor. The emails should be written in English or Japanese.
The other questions which have nothing to do with the classes, contact to 日本大学生産工学部オンライン授業お問い合せフォーム. (Updated on September 14 2020)

Academic advisers (Updated on October 19 2020)

Academic advisers welcome your questions about the subjects.

Information about Academic advisers (Only Japanese available) (Updated on November 28 2020)

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